The WHO behind TNBC

IMG_0413-20140610-130938Today, 3/3/16, is Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) Day.  From my initial diagnosis, all I knew was I had breast cancer.  In the days to follow, there would be countless tests to determine the kind of cancer and my prognosis.  It was a fearful time for me because of the unknown.  I breathed a sigh of relief when my Oncologist informed me almost a week later that I had something called Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

“Whew, thank goodness!  It’s about time I received a negative test result.  Three negatives is good right?”

With arms prematurely outstretched in victory, there I sat on the exam table cheering on the basketball court of life showboating in the glory of my slam dunk in the last seconds of the game when all of a sudden the opposing team managed to sink a ball into the basket from the free throw line.

His face remained extremely serious and I quickly realized I was celebrating the wrong thing.

“Triple Negative is an aggressive form of breast cancer that has limited chemotherapy treatment options, isn’t treatable with hormonal therapies, has a higher mortality rate and has a higher chance of recurrence within the first five years.” (INSERT KICK IN THE GUT MOMENT HERE)  “It’s highly treatable and you will be monitored closely,” he went on to explain.

My husband immediately started to research this type of cancer.  “Promise me you will never look TNBC up on the internet,” he warned.  “Let me be your filter.  There is too much information out there for you to digest right now.”

That was perhaps the best thing I could have done for myself at that time.  That was over 3 years ago and I remain in remission.  So insead of telling you what TNBC is, I would much rather dedicate today’s post to telling you about the WHO behind TNBC.


We are a pink sister “sorority” of wives, mothers, daughters, sisters and grandmothers forever linked by an aggressive form of breast cancer.

To be a part of this group, there is no real rhyme or reason because the cause is unkown. We are not an age or a race because despite what the statistics may say from where I’ve been, what I’ve seen and the beautiful women I have met it seems TNBC does not “pick a team” nor does it discriminate.

WE are Love

WE are Loved

WE are Warriors

WE are Strong

WE Fight Back

WE are Strength

WE are Fierce

WE are Fabulous

And most of all WE STAND TOGETHER!

Dedicated to the Angels who watch over us and the ones who remain with us…

With Love,





2 thoughts on “The WHO behind TNBC

  1. I kept praying please Lord don’t let it be estrogen positive because I did NOT want to hear my mother say, “I told you you shouldn’t be taking those hormone pills (due to surgical menopause at the age of 27)”.

    Little did I know what estrogen negative held. I too said, oh thank God its negative and then broke when the word chemo came out.


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